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post psychedelic songwriter

Paul Nose is a music project by Italian singer, songwriter and musician Kecco Recchia whose distinctive pop is a fusion of blues, rock, funk and the jazzy Italian songwriting tradition.

Born and raised in Italy, a very intense music activity as a professional singer, musician and actor that brought him on every sort of stage (festivals, clubs, pubs, function bands, tv, theatre, movie) releasing 2 albums as Keccore' (Strafatto in casa, Anni Mossi), in 2011 he moves to New York to craft his English songwriting career and to study with vocal coach Mary Setrakian (Mary J Blige, Nicole Kidman, James Gandolfini) and acting at Susan Batson Studio.

Studying and gigging regularly in NY (Triad Theatre, Stone Wall, Duplex) strengthens his awareness as a storyteller in another langhuage. The NY experience turns into his debut album PLUG AND PRAY, released in 2012 and available on iTunes: 11 original acoustic-rock tracks to pay a tribute to his English music heroes such as The Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

The UK was quite clearly the next place to be and in 2013 he moves to Nottingham to promote his English songs and keep working on his music. After gigging a lot with with a one-man-band show (guitar and loop station) to keep building self confidence with an audience in a foreign country as a reliable troubador and craftsman, now Paul Nose is a band experience and new stories to tell.

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